Paint By Jaz | About
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Born out of a passion for creativity, Paint By Jaz is not only a feel good location serving up the hottest mani’s in town but a well loved and cherished beauty community online too.


If you’re after immaculate nail art and pristine cuticles then you’re in the right place! Having loved art for as long as I can remember, spending most of my days painting is a dream come true for me and a nail art dream come true for you. I like to express my passion for artistic creations through my work and pride myself on providing high quality treatments on healthy and natural nails.


With an exquisite eye for detail and a super steady hand, I have always been very drawn to brows and lashes too. My signature brow look is groomed yet natural, easily achieved with a classic wax and tint or brow lamination. My lash work also takes on a more natural approach, enhancing and getting the best out of what you were already blessed with in the form of lifts, tints and classic lash extensions. Unwind to the chilled PBJ playlist and treat yourself to a lash nap on the couch whilst I take care of your eyes.